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  • Sophos Unified Threat Management Appliances


The security of your network, and your systems, depends on having the right tools in place to protect against malware, virii, trojans and hackers. Critical to this is a security system that is easy to use, maintain and configure. We recommend Sophos UTM appliances to meet this need because it checks all of the boxes.

Sophos Unified Threat Management is an enterprise-level system that fits virtually anywhere, from the smallest organizations to large enterprises. With frequent automatic pattern recognition updates, intrusion detection and prevention, anti-virus and malware filtering on web access and Email, it stops problems before they get in. Flexible authentication and control over web use, remote access options and wireless access ensure your users get what they need when they need it, and allow you to keep them on task by preventing casual use of undesirable web sites. Best of all, it's easy to use, easy to maintain and integrates completely with Sophos Endpoint Protection, allowing organizations to protect their mobile assets as easily as they protect their internal networks.

Firewall protection is complete, capable and easily configured to allow or block specific traffic. Even specific applications are recognized and controlled.

Intrusion Detection watches traffic to prevent hacking attempts based on pattern recognition, keeping your servers and applications protected against unauthorized access.

Email protection scans Email to keep it safe, and even allows organizations to prevent inadvertent data leaks by scanning Email for protected information like social security numbers, HIPAA-protected information, etc.

Web Filtering keeps malware at bay, uses reputation scores to determine where problems exist, and is completely configurable for users, groups, specific sites or by category.