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  • VIS Reader for AcuRite USB Weather Stations
  • System Status at a glance
  • VIS Remote: Full Graphical Weather Display
  • VIS Analyze: Charting and Reporting for SQL Data

VIS Reader

VIS Reader is our software solution for AcuRite USB Weather Stations. It offers an extensive feature list, high reliability, remote capability and even a built-in weather web server. It can report to all of the major weather web services, and for advanced users there is a fully-customizable, FTP-publishing capable weather web server, SQL Server connectivity for data storage, and enhanced notification capability allowing an unlimited number of email addresses and notifications on weather events. You can even set it up to run any program you like when a particular weather event occurs. Add to that over 170 important dates and holidays, a remote graphical display for current weather, records, sun and moon data and dates for the seasons, a SQL data charting and report generator tool and an archive of web reports round out this powerful solution. Some actual quotes from our users tell the story.

Features in the VIS Reader are many, and powerful. Explore them and learn about what you can do using our software with your AcuRite USB weather station.

VIS Remote is a full graphical display that shows current weather, alerts, records and weather station status including a battery indicator, signal strength and weather alerts.

VIS Analyze is our SQL Server reporting tool, generating graphs and reports based on the weather data collected from the weather station.

Requirements for running VIS Reader, VIS Remote and VIS Analyze are detailed here, and in our documentation.

Documentation is available for VIS Reader, and it covers all of its requirements, features and configuration. It requires Adobe Reader to open.

Get VIS Reader from our support forum website now for your AcuRite USB Weather Station and enjoy all that it has to offer.