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  • VIS Remote: Full Graphical Weather Display
  • VIS Remote: Weather Records display
  • VIS Remote: Sun, Moon and Season Data
  • VIS Remote: Holidays Today

VIS Remote Features

Some of our features are shown here. VIS Remote is available with a support subscription; up to three VIS Remotes can be used with MiniWeb Elements and/or SQL Server subcriptions, and additional blocks of five remotes are available.

Temperature shows the current and apparent temperature, and is clickable to get rate of change, high, low and indoor temperature.

Humidity shows the current outdoor humidity as a percentage from about 5% to 99%, and is clickable to get rate of change. Dew point is also shown.

Cloud Base is shown, approximating the lowest height at which clouds might appear.

Wind speed, direction, peak speed, average direction and average speed are all shown in a wind rose.

Barometric Pressure is shown, and is clickable to get the rate of change, high and low pressure.

Rainfall is shown, and is clickable to get the monthly and yearly totals. Rain rate is also shown when rain is falling.

Indicators show the current state of the batteries in the sensor package which is mounted outdoors, along with signal strength.

Weather Records can be accessed to show records for yesterday, this month, this year, all-time and more with a SQL Server subscription, and Sun and Moon data, seasons and holidays are also available.

Additional Requirements

VIS Remote runs on Windows and can be used from anywhere, provided two ports are opened on your firewall to allow VIS Remote to communicate. VIS Remote can also get its data from MiniWeb Elements. On your own network, VIS Remote will work as long as the Windows Firewall is set to allow inbound connections for it. We document this configuration on our support forum. A SQL Server support subscription is required for record data.