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  • VIS Reader for AcuRite USB Weather Stations
  • System Status at a glance
  • VIS Remote: Full Graphical Weather Display
  • VIS Analyze: Charting and Reporting for SQL Data

VIS Reader Features

Some of our features are shown here. Explore them to learn more. Some features are advanced options requiring a support subscription. You can try any of our advanced features for 14 days before choosing to subscribe for support to retain the use of the advanced feature.

Weather Reporting is built in, and can be configured for Weather Underground, PWS Weather and WeatherBug; others will be added over time.

MiniWeb is a mini web server, intended to be used with mobile devices to display weather information. It's compatible with most web browsers.

CSV Data is saved every ten minutes, allowing you to do your own weather analysis.

Charts available in the VIS Reader include the most important weather parameters.

Notification of weather exceeding limits you set can be set up for one Email address.

The Marquee displays additional weather information, news and alerts.

18-second CSV saves every reading from the weather station instead of just one every 10 minutes.

SQL Server can be used to store more than ten years' worth of data for analysis and reporting using VIS Analyze, our reporting tool.

Enhanced Notification works with SQL to allow an unlimited number of Email addresses and servers for notifications, and offers more types of notifications.

Arbitrary Program Execution works with SQL to run almost any program when a weather event occurs or a programmable limit is exceeded, and can be used with X10 (and appropriate software.)

MiniWeb Elements is a fully-customizable weather web server you design and program yourself using HTML5. See it here.

CWOP, the Citizen's Weather Observation Program, allows you to report your data to NOAA and the National Weather Service.