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  • VIS Reader for AcuRite USB Weather Stations
  • System Status at a glance
  • VIS Remote: Full Graphical Weather Display
  • VIS Analyze: Charting and Reporting for SQL Data

Quotes from VIS Reader Users

"Just wanted to drop you a quick thank you for making your software available for the Acurite products. I received my weather station about 2 weeks ago and was 20 minutes from boxing it up and sending it back. Rain reports from out of the blue, 200mph wind gusts, 115 degree temp readings... it just wasn't working and it was embarassing to have that data showing up on my WU page!" ... "When you go to the Acurite forum its story after story after story just like mine of crazy data being uploaded everywhere. I emailed, posted, and called and all I got was a form letter email response that 'our developers are looking into the problem, be patient, have a nice day'." ... "I decided to try VIS Reader about a week ago. Perfect data ever since. I was going to send the Acurite back and buy a Davis for a lot more money so, you saved me a ton by providing your product! Dropped a check in the mail to you this morning for the CWOP Reporting and Twitter forwarding." ... "What good is a weather station that posts bogus data everyday? Kind of amazing that you guys can make a product that works flawlessly so far and has many more features, and the actual manufacturer can't even find a way to get data uploaded properly."

--- Scott in GA

"I've been trying out the Weather Display software. It has MANY options and is a great product, but for some reason it keeps registering spikes in temp, wind and rain. A few days ago, I started to realize that your VIS reader was doing everything that I wanted in a very simple and elegant way." ... "For everything I need, it's doing it VERY well! It's sending rapid fire updates reliably and flawlessly, it's not munging the data it's reading from the console. Fantastic stuff!" ... "So THANK YOU for all of your development in fixing what Chaney Systems couldn't do with their unit and software."

---Hyrum in CA

"One great thing in respect to your software is that it is constantly evolving (at a rapid pace) and it always leads to a positive leap forward. Can't say that regarding most other software. A sincere and grateful thank you to you and your team for the commitment & dedication put into this project! I know we can expect the best from what the future holds though VIS."

---John in NH

"You obviously take a great deal of pride in your product and your help and response time is OUTSTANDING."

---Janice in NY