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  • VIS Reader for AcuRite USB Weather Stations
  • System Status at a glance
  • VIS Remote: Full Graphical Weather Display
  • VIS Analyze: Charting and Reporting for SQL Data

VIS Reader Requirements

VIS Reader, VIS Remote and VIS Analyze run on Windows. It is supported on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Microsoft .NET 4.6 is required to run VIS Reader, VIS Remote and VIS Analyze. It is built into Windows 10, and can be downloaded and installed on earlier Windows versions by downloading it directly from Microsoft.

VIS Reader supports AcuRite USB consoles that report data using a USB connection. For most AcuRite console models, you will need to configure the console to use USB Mode 4 (or PC Connect Mode 4) in order to use VIS Reader.

VIS Reader is intended to run 24/7 to obtain data from your weather station. It cannot obtain data when it is not running.

Internet access is required to use VIS Reader. The software communicates with our servers to synchronize time, obtain license information and report data to services such as the Citizen's Weather Observation Program, Weather Underground and WeatherBug.

You will need to configure your computer to avoid certain power saving modes and USB Selective Suspend, as this can interfere with the VIS Reader's ability to read data from the console. This configuration is detailed in our documentation.

Some features require that you open ports in the Windows Firewall on your computer, or on your Internet router, in order to use them remotely. These are documented, and some guidance is offered on our support forum website, but we can't open these ports for you.

SQL LocalDB will be installed for you if you choose to use SQL support, or you can use your own SQL Server. We support Microsoft SQL 2012 and newer versions.

If you have any questions about the requirements for running our software, or use of the features, you can ask questions at our support forum website located here.